Current Fuel Price (7/29/22)
100 LL $6.64
Jet-A $6.92 

Contract Jet-A: $6.70

Charly’s Restaurant

Good food, AMAZING view.

Where else in Williamsburg can you enjoy homemade soup, sandwiches, salads and more, while watching airplanes taxiing down the runway? At Charly’s, the bread is baked daily and the chef creates a delicious special every day of the week.

Charly’s is famous for their crab cakes every Friday. Open 7 days a week 11am to 3pm.

The patio provides great views as planes takeoff (you never know what you’ll see!) and there are always delicious specials on homemade bread and slices of pie for dessert. Charly’s Airport Restaurant is family-friendly (with a playground next door) and pets are welcome on the patio.

“The husband, the puppy and I flew in here from Maryland to enjoy watching other planes while eating lunch on the patio. We had heard good things and that it was dog friendly.”

“Friendly indeed! Everyone, waitstaff and clients alike were so kind and sociable (to us and to our puppy). My husband ordered a very large and tasty prime rib while I had the BBQ sandwich. Husband loves Carolina style BBQ, which this was. I often find it too vinegar-y, but this was just right.”

“GET DESSERT. It’s worth it. We split (although I wish I got my own) the coconut cream pie. It must be homemade and made fresh. It was to die for.”

“Great view, great people, great food. You got my 5 stars.”