Williamsburg Jamestown Airport

Privately – Owned & Publicly—Used since 1970
Proudly serving the Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown

Current fuel Prices as of 2/14/2024
AVGAS 6.20
Jet-A: 5.95
Jet-A: 5.65 Contract
No credit card fee for Titan Card holders.

We stopped here to visit colonial Williamsburg. What a real surprise! This is one of the last family owned and operated, public use airports in the US. There is a restaurant, which has great prices and food, and the service was extraordinarily friendly. There is a modest landing and tiedown fee, which is well worth it. Active flight school on premises, which means that pilot supplies (charts) are available here. We need to support folks such as these. This is what GA is all about.