Williamsburg Jamestown Airport

Privately – Owned & Publicly—Used since 1970
Proudly serving the Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown

Current fuel Prices as of 2/14/2024
AVGAS 6.20
Jet-A: 5.95
Jet-A: 5.65 Contract
No credit card fee for Titan Card holders.


What people are saying about us.

Comments from AirNav users.

From Byra Zimmerman

This is FBO is wonderful. The staff goes out of their way to help you in any way they can. We discovered a mechanical issue after visiting Colonial Williamsburg. The mechanics came in early to assist us the next morning and took care of us right then and there! Charlie helped us with all of our needs to include calling a cab for us!

From Mike Harwood

Stopped twice recently in a Jet Ranger to get fuel. Great service and fuel stop! I understand they have a great restaurant also.

From Mike Lindinger

We flew in from the Philadelphia PA area on 8/16 in a Cirrus for a daytrip to Busch Gardens and received great service. From helping with the rental car reservation over the phone a few days prior to driving it out to the plane when we parked, everything was just very easy. They have lots of open tiedowns to pick from and the FBO building was neat & clean. Charlie & Bill were very polite and very helpful. I’m already making plans to return; if you’re considering a visit to Busch Gardens or the Williamsburg area – this is where you should land!

From Bryan Ursic

Flew in for a weekend trip in our Cessna T206. Absolutely first-class service was provided by Charley and his staff. From arranging the rental car on our behalf with Enterprise, to staying after hours to accommodate our weather-related late arrival, to delivering the rental car to the airplane – the service and friendliness was truly great! This is how small airport FBO’s should be. Will definitely be back. Thanks Charley!

From Sal Lagonia

Very nice folks at the airport. They handled our aircraft with TLC and treated us with hospitality. Will definitely return.

From Mike Peters

Parked here for a multi-day stay from 17-20 May while visiting in-laws. Nice airfield and friendly staff. Next time I hope to try the restaurant. Prices are competitive with local area, a bit more expensive than I’m used to but it is Williamsburg after all.

From Cody Pruden

The guys that run the place are great, very helpful and always available for whatever is needed. They called to let me know about a possible severe storm coming in when my aircraft was parked, and set me up with hangar space for the night. Very professional and courteous. 5 stars for sure.

From Bryan Brooks

We came to JGG airport for a spontaneous weekend trip to Williamsburg and the staff was able to arrange a rental car for us on very short notice, not to mention that when we landed they had already picked it up and drove it right up to the aircraft for us. All the Charlie’s were great about working with us when weather changes made flight plans change at last minute and they even offered a hangar to prevent weather and ice damage. Besides the food at the little diner and the excellent service…. The fuel prices are great compared to pretty much anywhere else. One of the best FBO’s we have been to and hope to return to again. This is how general aviation should be.

From Chad Pritchard

JGG is my home base for 40 years. It is an excellent facility for locals and visitors alike. The linemen are knowledgeable, there early and late, always eager and able to help with any need. And a BIG thank you to the owner/managers: Larry, Michele and Don for providing this private facility for all to use and enjoy!

From Dave Stock

I was based on the field for about a year before being transferred. I miss this quaint little airport. The whole team, Charlie, Charlie, and his brother Charlie (really only two, sorry Bill 🙂 will help make your trip a good one. The on field restaurant is small, but terrific! They are always fast with the fuel truck and no fees if you grab some lunch! This is the kind of place worth making another stop…Even if you can make it without it. Heck, take an extra day, grab a hotel, and visit colonial Williamsburg. It’ll be the best trip you’ll have flying up the east coast! I miss you guys!!!

From W. Minnette

This was a great choice for us. We felt like we were staying with friends. When an untimely TFR popped up, they called us and told us we had 7 hours to get out of Dodge. Their information was more accurate than Flight Service! Luckily, the TFR was canceled, (prompting another friendly phone call) so we got to stay another day. Thanks to all you guys, we had a great visit! P.S., the kids loved the swing set!

From Alexander Romero

I am lucky to call JGG my home base. The Waltrip family runs a great little airport. Charley Rogers, Bill, and the other line guys always provide great/friendly service. Excellent on field restaurant and good A&P service at fair prices provided by Mid-Atlantic Aviation. What’s not to like. Give JGG a visit!

From Layton Hill

There was lots of activity when we stopped in, in a rented 172 on Friday 11/12/10 from W13 in Waynesboro, VA. The restaurant was serving crabcakes and packed. Took a ~$10 cab ride into Colonial Williamsburg for a couple of hours before returning. The $5 landing fee is not waived with fuel purchase for any amount below 100 gallons but modest and well worth it. Potomac and Norfolk Approach were very helpful with flight following on the way in.

From Sven Lincke

We stopped here to visit colonial Williamsburg. What a real surprise! This is one of the last family owned and operated, public use airports in the US. There is a restaurant, which has great prices and food, and the service was extraordinarily friendly. There is a modest landing and tiedown fee, which is well worth it. Active flight school on premises, which means that pilot supplies (charts) are available here. We need to support folks such as these. This is what GA is all about.

From Gary Slaughter, MD

I was there to visit Kingsmill Resort. The airport is a real gem. People are very friendly! I called before I arrived and they waited on my family. Tied my Aztec down and Rental car was waiting. This is a must see family atmosphere.

From Gary Mascelli

Received airport advisory once turned loose from Norfolk approach and followed the James River for a landing on 31. On roll out was contacted on Unicom and directed to parking. Rental car was ready but I didn’t mention it when I called in, not a problem we had wheels on the bags and made our way to the terminal. Good service, friendly folks. As Ken mentioned “As far as the $9.00 per night parking, it may seem high but the airport is self-supporting and you do not mind spending the money when you see improvements being made.” My wife and I agree….. We are also looking forward to our next visit.

From Jim Russell

We experienced a blow out upon landing at JGG — Jean, Larry, Charlie and the rest of the staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. Kevin, in his newly established maintenance facility, repaired the tire while we dined on some delicious food from Charley’s. In no time we were “good to go”, as well as SAD to have to say goodbye!! thanks to ALL who helped turn a potentially negative situation into such a POSITIVE!! Suzi -n- Jim Russell Cherokee 5506F SHD

From Michael Wallace

I’ve flown my Mooney in twice now this summer with the wife and kids and it is a great stop. Charlie’s is a must! Definitely get the rental car through the FBO (cheaper and driven right up to your plane) but if you plan on arriving on the weekend, make sure you call during the weekdays or else they might only have a more expensive rental or none since the place they get the rentals from is closed. Also, watch out for deer at night! Great folks and great service!

From Kenneth Nicastro

What a great place!!! Arrived in KJGG and was greeted over the UNICOM and directed to parking. Had no rental car reservation and they got me a car within 20 minutes. The people are friendly and very helpful. Ate at Charly’s and the food was good. Will definitely come back again!! As far as the $9.00 per night parking for my Cessna Skyhawk XP, it may seem high but the airport is self-supporting and you do not mind spending the money when you see improvements being made. Looking forward to my next trip there.

From Adam Norwitch

Great stop! Flew in our Archer II on a leg of our summer trip. They kept the office open past close so we could finish our planning.

From Bill Heybruck

Spent 2 days there for Beech Aero Club Fly-in. Great people and service. Charly’s is VERY GOOD CAFE for lunch. Enterprise car was cheaper thru them then via web. Will come back again! Very Hospitable and close to all attractions.

From Kevin Berry

A very warm welcome on Unicom frequency as soon as I cleared the active. Asked what I needed, directed me to parking spot and hosted our friend (non-pilots) while they awaited our arrival. (Even a small playground for the kids!) Fuel service is prompt, friendly and everyone offered to do more than I usually get at any airport. Restaurant has fine food and sitting on their patio at the edge of the ramp is just the right place for a pilot to eat and enjoy the scenery!

From Leonard Windham

Visited JGG on 3/11 for a visit to area. Excellent service on arriving with assistance obtaining cab and fuel needs handled cheerfully. Upon return to aircraft, I discovered that I left the master switch on. Even though it was after hours, airport operator took time to help me locate a charger, spent 3 hours helping me remove and reassemble cowling and get me on my way. One of the maintenance guys even came to the airport after he heard about the problem and assisted. Will definitely visit again.

From Jim Frost

Nice stop for fuel and food! BEWARE that the fuel price listed on the FBO’s web site (not AirNav) is NOT accurate. Fuel was over $1.00/gallon more than advertised. When questioned about this, they said they had lost the password to update their web site!

From Erik Suter

Arrived on a quiet Monday in September in a C-172 and experienced first-rate service. Asked for a cab about 10 minutes out and it was there within minutes of landing. The lineman had the plane tied down before I was through unloading. Nice facilities with an attractive restaurant with outdoor dining. Will be back.

From Kim

This is a great airport and FBO for general aviation flyers with a family. We landed after hours but were met at the plane by the lineman with our rental car and a willingness to help children with their bag. He said they were waiting on another arrival, too. And, as we were leaving, a C-172 landed and headed to the tie down area. All of this service for a couple of guys driving single engine airplanes. The cafe on the field has some of the best food found any place. Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown are a must see for school age children and are within minutes of this airport.

From Bob Tridle

This continues to be a nice, friendly stop for those visiting historic Williamsburg, Jamestown, or Yorktown. Watch crosswinds (at least from the South) as trees nearby. We stopped here for week of visiting Williamsburg. Attendant brought rental car out to our aircraft and was very helpful. Clearly, these are folks that care about our passion for aviation. This is a private airport, so there are charges, but they are reasonable. This will be our preference in future trips to Williamsburg.

From Gary Daniel

Visited 2/18/05. Service very good, called unicom 10 miles out for cab which was waiting. Had oil leak from loose hose which Kevin Steele from Jamestown Flight Center investigated and fixed while we were in town.

From Douglas Furst

The staff at JGG are very friendly and very helpful. If you are looking for something a little different, take a taxi over to the winery about 5 minutes a way. They have a fantastic tavern with a great menu. They also offer free tours.

From Dave Stockett

I have to echo the comments below. Great little airport with a helpful staff. Taxis to Colonial Williamsburg are very quick in answering the call. About the only thing I didn’t like was the “hump” in the middle of the runway. If it’s your first time landing here: beware! It appears that you’re about run right off the runway! Definitely wakes you up!

From Mike Vec

Very nice staff. I made a car reservation but all cars were taken. They found me a nice one for 1/2 price. Parking is 8.00 a day single.

From Kathy Queen

Nice and friendly airport. You must have a meal at Charly’s restaurant on field. Homemade bread and great service (The Ruben on blackbread is awesome)- check the hours because the restaurant is only open from 9am to 3pm on weekdays. No fees if you are just parking for the day. Beware if you arrive in the summer and you land at the swamp end of the airport, Rwy 31. It can be a bit bouncy at the threshold.

From Charles Lawson

Nice little airport and friendly folks in the office. Current posted prices are: $10 landing fee, $10 parking fee for twins, $8 parking fee for singles. Nice place for a fly-in…but do call in advance to warn ’em.

100 Marclay Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185